The Charcoal Collection: No frills, just love.

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Jeannie and Ebert

One evening we received an email from Jeannie, she went ton to explain how she wanted to strip away the cliches, cut off the frills and instead have a raw, intimate wedding on a rooftop with a just few friends and family.

The part of her message that stuck with us most was her desire to be a trendsetter, to break the norm and steer away from the stereotypical images of a bride getting ready and long receptions, and instead have a simple wedding that focused on what is important to them; their commitment. 

After chatting, we realised that she wasn’t a bride that needed one of our full packages but instead a raw, gritty, to the point one...much like her mail.  She asked if we could make her a custom "Asphalt package”, which we then decided to dub the Charcoal Collection to give it a nicer ring.

A week prior to the wedding we got to meet them both at a local pub in Chapel street where Ebert told us about how they first met and they explained what makes them both tick. 



We then hit the street towards the rooftop where their wedding was to be held and walked around the neighbourhood of Donkin Hill, Port Elizabeth. As we walked past buildings both old and paint-less, and those already influenced by the inner city gentrification Jeannie and Ebert explained how they thought the renewal was a perfect metaphor for love, taking the old yet strong, and allowing it to be transformed and reborn into something more beautiful than it was before.

The view from the Rooftop Garden Bar showed Central in all it’s rawness, and provided the perfect backdrop for their special day in front of their friends and family.