A tropical storm kind of love.


Richard and Natasha

We don’t know how to describe these two incredible people. Together, they’re two of the kindest, sweets, parents (congratulations guys!) we’ve had the opportunity to meet and their wedding day was a perfect reflection of that.

Their day started with a couple of tropical showers, what you can expect in wet KZN, followed by a intimate ceremony with their closest friends from all over the world coming together enjoying the rain with umbrellas to hide their tear-filled eyes, I can keep describing just how much fun this wedding was but instead, I’ll show you photos of how perfectly suitable…

“From the most beautiful beach walks,
To walking up mountains,
Tubing in the 'berg,
Horse riding on the beach,Sitting under a blanket of stars together,
Standing on a surfboard,
Snorkelling for the first time,
Great white shark diving,
Sitting in a cave in Cape Town,


Driving to the end of Africa,
And all this, after just two weeks. 

If you truly love where you are, the friends you spend your time with and the work you do, just image leaving all that behind and taking your chance on love.

That's EXACTLY what Natasha did.

When everything in her head was telling her that she was comfortable and happy, she decided to follow her heart. She decided with conviction she would follow the path and not look back.
And here we are today... it paid off!

I promise to honour your commitment with my heart and soul. I promise to alway be strong for you. To make sure you are never in any doubt of how much love is spilling over inside of me.

To the most beautiful soul I know, my wife, my Tashi, I love you" 

- Richard Van Wyk