Bold colours and love deep.


Lara and Brad

We don’t often get to shoot in our home town, but when we do it’s always a treat for us. You get to rediscover streets you merely walked along to get from point A to B. You look at newly painted building with fresh eyes, and walk down paths you’ve never explored to try to see things in a new light. 

We had an incredible afternoon strolling around Donkin Village for the umpteenth time, but this time in the company of these two awesome people. Lara and Brad are not what you’d expect. When we first met them we were slightly intimidated by their strong views, bold personalities and outgoing natures, but after some time together we realised they themselves were just nervous creatures trying to make a good impression.

They maybe bold, but bold because they are full of life, and this shone strongest for us when we looked back at their friends and family, and all the family portraits that they just had to have us capture.


Ever so often you meet someone and feel like you are worlds apart, but when you get to know them you quickly realise that those worlds run parallel, and you have more in common than you think. We walked away from Lara and Brad’s wedding with new friends, and a happy heart that we got to be part of this very special day. 

Oh did we mention their reception as on a rooftop!?! :D