Boat trip with friends and family.


Alinka and Declan

We love being part of pre wedding day celebrations! There is something so special about seeing a couple’s friends and family giddy with excitement for the next day as they get to spend quality time with them.

As photographers we often forget just how quickly your own wedding day seems to just fly by; one minute you are getting ready the next you are hitting that dance floor. Which is why when we get asked to document day before actives we always get excited.


Plus as an added bonus we get to meet all the friends and family who have travelled far and wide, and they get to get comfortable with us and our cameras secretly capturing the little moments that make life so interesting; the little cousins hanging half out of the boat as it floats down the Kowie river, or your older brother keeping the family entertained with endless jokes from the front of the party boat! Beside, who could say no to Alinka asking you to take a trip to Port Alfred to sail down the river with them and their awesome friends.