As candles flicker off golden walls.


Matt and Janine

There is something magical about the autumn weather in Nieu-Bethesda. That crisp Karoo air that makes your ears and nose tingle, yet somehow manages to make you feel as if the whole town is frozen in time and all that matters is what’s happening right there and then. Just add a plate of Liz’s culinary delights, the warmth and charm of the Jacques’ Waenhuis, and the love between two awesome people, and suddenly there couldn’t be a better place to be!

We joined friends and family from South Africa and abroad on the Friday afternoon before Janine and Matt’s wedding to enjoy some local beers and homemade cheeses at the Three Goats Brewery on the outskirts of the village. It was the prefect way to set the tone for the weekend’s celebrations that included a custom packed survival kit made for each of their guests. But even though it was to be one of the coldest weekends of the year, when you have the bride planning on walking down to isle to the opening theme from Game of Thrones you wake up knowing it’s going to be epic day. 


Matt and Janine’s friends gathered alongside a stream and watched them make their vows in the shadow of the beautiful Nieu Bethesda forest. But even as the wind picked up and everyone retreated to the warmth of Jacques’ fire pits and the music of the amazingly talented Claire Venn, the bite in Karoo air was soon forgotten.

As candles flickered off the golden wall of the old barn and friends shared stories and toasted the awesomeness that is Matt and Janine, it became abundantly clear that for these two there was no place better suited to celebrate their mutual weirdness, forever.

Dresses / Hoiden Bridesmaids
Shoes / Blu Betty
MakeUp / Healthiskin, Carlin Loots
Headpieces for bridesmaids/ Kary M Designs
Venue / Die Waenhuis
Decor & planning / Jacques Muller
Food / Liz Stern
Cake / Megan van Niekerk
Live Music / Claire Venn