What you share with the world is what it keeps of you.


Derryth and Cael

When Derryth and Cael’s mail arrived in our inbox we required very little convincing to get excited. 

“We would like to have a very laid back, ‘Kuier’ style wedding, because that's the type of people we are. Our wedding day will be about having a good time with our friends and family and not worrying too much about keeping up appearances”. 

To say we were sold is an understatement. 

We arrived the day before and had the pleasure to meeting their friends and family at a chilled braai in her hometown of Graaff Reinet. Rather than splashing out on a trendy wedding venue they had both agreed to instead host their down to earth celebrations at Derryth’s alma mater, Union High.

The church bells rang in the dusty streets of Graaff Reinet as Derryth walked down the aisle, her father on one arm, and her eyes glued to her husband to be. From the moment he saw his bride Cael couldn’t look away, even as we took a little road trip up to the Valley of Desolation these two only had eyes for one another.


We often tell ourselves we shouldn’t overshoot on a wedding, but when you have some of the Eastern Cape’s most spectacular scenery right in from of your eyes, and a couple so excited and in love, it’s difficult to not get a little carried away. We had an amazing time with Derryth and Cael and were just a little bit behind schedule as raced down the mountain side to the celebrations in the town below.

When it came time to say our goodbyes we couldn’t help feel that the day had turned out exactly as Derryth had hoped it would, and we jived back to our car, feeling lucky that we had the privilege to document this lovely couple’s wedding day.


Well if you are, what you love,
And you do, what you love
I will always be the sun and moon to you
And if you share, with your heart
Yeah, you give, with your heart
What you share with the world is what it keeps of you

- Noah and the Whales Give a little love