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Cathryn and Warwick

Every day Ross and I work next to one another, and ever so often I hear an excited babble of “ah this is looking so awesome!”, “I am loving this wedding”, “Look and these tones”… and this wedding was certainly no exception. So much so that I felt it necessary to mention it in this post :)

We chatted with Cath and Warwick about their plans a few months before their big day. They had found their perfect venue, Hopewell, a nature conservation estate located on the outskirts of little old PE. A true hidden gem.

Little did they know that Ross had previously photographed the first phase of the venue for Hopewell Estate just after the first building had been completed. So this brilliant architectural mix of steel, stone and glass, and the rolling hills that surround it already had a special place in our hearts. When we arrived for the Friday before we were surprised by the progress that had been made, and we instantly knew that those stone walls and steel beams would make this little venue perfect for a fun celebration that we were in for!


Cath arrived at the top of the hill looking breathtaking as ever, as her husband-to-be stood in complete amazement. It was the moment they both had been waiting for. We watched as their friends and family hugged and congratulated them and it was easy to see just how close their community is. 

Their celebration was a true testament to who they are, and the kind of support they have around them. Everything from the lights that became such an amazing focal piece, to the decor was all made and arranged by the hearts and hands of people who love them! And trust us, if you ever had the happy chance to meet these two, you would have wanted all hands on deck too! We hope you’ll enjoy this a small glimpse into their wonderful wedding day.