It's the moments in-between that really matter.


The Classens

I think the older you get the more you realise just how important family is.

As a kid you always assume it will be there, but it takes a rough bump in the road to give you a new perspective on life that makes you realise; it's moments like running through some wet grass in your backyard or having a simple dinner with family, that really matter.

Nothing in life is definite and capturing the now is what we are all about as photographers.


We started Honest Stories by Ross and Jess to share real people doing real things. But when we were asked by our fellow photographer friend Nina to capture her and her family, we realised that there is nothing more honest than a kid's laugh. 

We were lucky that they were open to us spending the afternoon with them in their backyard and we ended up creating some awesome images that make us proud to do what we do!