Smaller than dust on this map, lies the greatest thing we have.


Lauren and JH

we will call this place our home
the dirt in which our roots may grow
though the storms will push and pull
we will call this place our home

we'll tell our stories on these walls
every year, measure how tall
and just like a work of art
we'll tell our stories on these walls

let the years we're here be kind, be kind
let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide
settle our bones like wood over time, over time
give us bread, give us salt, give us wine

a little broken, a little new
we are the impact and the glue
capable more than we know
to call this fixer upper home

with each year, our color fades
slowly, our paint chips away
but we will find the strength
and the nerve it takes
to repaint and repaint and repaint
every day

smaller than dust on this map
lies the greatest thing we have:
the dirt in which our roots may grow
and the right to call it home.
- North, Sleeping At Last

We returned to the beautiful Karoo in 2018 just a month prior to when we got married just 3 years ago. There was a chill in the air that was all too familiar, which made a wave of nostalgia settled in. It was like returning home after some time. Except this time we were there to document Lauren and JH’s special day around the corner by the beautiful Ganora guest Farm.


We were truly blown away watching the community that surrounded these two amazing people. And to be honest it was no wonder, they were some of the most genuine kindest individuals we have ever met, and when put together it was clear they were always destined to find one another.

As they glided across the dance floor, we looked at one another and smiled, we are truly lucky to bare-witness to the real, raw love that Lauren and JH share.

A special mention to all the vendors involved in this breathtaking celebration.

Ganora (Hester)

Lindi van Rooyen

Kristin Swan

Hoiden dress designers

Sumien Serfontein

Ronelle Coetzee

Big Day Symphony Wedding Films

The village of Nieu Bethesda.

Catering by the most amazing Liz Stern and her team.