You have it all when you are free.


Chris and Dani

Chris and Dani’s wedding reminded us how valuable friendships are, no matter the distance that might lie between you. They might have spent the last few years half way across the world, generally being awesome,  and exploring every chance they get, but they still held onto their bonds and friendships back home in South Africa. 

It would have been easy for them to get lost in their own adventures, but they somehow managed to do the impossible, and their friends and family who surrounded them in the forest of Die Woud were a true testament of the amazing couple that these two are. 

We loved being part of every single moment of their wedding day, but it was perhaps Chris’ brother Oli who encapsulated it best when he quoted Joseph Arthur’s lyrics,

Your only job is to be free
Free to laugh, free to sing
Free to think, you might be king
Or you might fly or swim the sea

You have it all when you are free

But freedom puts the fear in some
And they will tell you not to run
And not to dream, all you see
Inside the open world of free


For freedom follows no command
It has no feet, no arm or hand
It has no language, it has no rhyme
It has no clock, no goal or time

For freedom is it's own reward
It's own protection without a sword
Without a fight, freedom stands
Holding on with phantom hands

To your heart of the sky
Winter lips, mountains cry
Freedom holds, the world above
The reach of death, the reach of love

Thanks for asking to be part of the next step in your adventure.
And never stop dreaming together.

Special mention to everyone involved:

Venue & Coordination: Die Woud
Hair & Make Up: Nandi Kai
Flowers: Kadou Floral Design
Bridal Gown: Pronovias
Veil: Robyn Roberts
Live Music/DJ: 3 Blind Mice
And all the Carters friends and family for their special role!