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Maria and Sean

We live in an often overlooked city in South Africa, Port Elizabeth. We are a little coastal town, blue flag beaches, a nice mix or warm and cold waters.

Our creative scene is young, but after much hard work and dedication has finally started to come alive; live festivals, food trucks and markets helping to bring the PE scene together. Creatives often struggle in our very laid back city, and so many have taken the leap and headed to the creative hub of SA, Cape Town. A move we ourselves have considered many times. However when you come from PE, even if you don't want to admit it, you miss it. It’s got a small town charm to it that makes people that much friendlier, and that’s hard to say goodbye to.


Sean surprised Mags with a ticket home to celebrate their new adventure with the people closest to them. So an inmate engagement party was arranged and soon after a very sweet mail arrived in our inbox. Mags and Sean may now live in the big city but their "PE-ness" is ingrained in them and we instantly enjoyed their company. What an awesome couple!

We already were huge fans of Maria Magdalena's work (do go give her awesome illustrations a look!), so were happy to agree to a quick shoot even thought it popped up so quickly.

Well here it is... Intimate celebration, with two sweet people in our little hometown.