Presence, a moment that can will never slip away.


Ananja and Emile

We first met Ananja many years ago when she opened the amazing Colonial Kitchen started in our Hometown. To say her little restaurant would become our second home is an understatement. Ross and myself were studying at the time, and still living at home with our parents, so to have a special place to eat, work, chat, brainstorm, and dream was very important. Colonial kitchen was that space for us. We got to eat the most delicious meals and still feel like we were in our own space. Ananja and her amazing team always made sure of that! And it very quickly became our go to more often that I would actually like to admit.

So when Ananja and Emile got engaged and she dropped us a message to ask if we were available we were beyond excited and knew we could never say no. Arriving at her family home on the banks of the Krom River just out of St Francis we were greeting by happy friends and family all doing their bit to help make this home wedding one to be remembered!

One of our favourite moments from the day was watching as Emile blew a kiss to the two loves of his life, as Ananja and their adorable daughter as they walked down the pathway towards him.  The confetti flew in the air and friends and family welcomed the new Mr and Mrs Rademeyer, we immmediately reminded of being back at Colonial Kitchen, and how there’s something so special about this couple that just brings everyone together to feel like one giant family.


The atmosphere was home, and everyone was there to kuier and celebrate together. We started the day working as photographers, but ended it with a delicious meal as friends. When you meet folks that welcome you in as family you know you are in the presence of good people. Thank you to Emile and Ananja for always welcoming us and being such warm and awesome individuals! You two are really sweet together and your daughter is seriously inspirational. 

Special mention to all the talents people involved in this special celebration.

Make-up - Jurizma Potgieter
Sushi Bowls - Reynier du Preez
Food - Emily Currie 
Cake decoration - Tabitha Weyer
Decor - Aletta Bouwer 
Tent & dancefloor - MTE tents & events
Wine - Liquid by Eugene Joubert 
Beer - Kasbier 

Sundowner chilled set - Belle and the beard
Dinner music - Lelane Souverijn & Jenny-lee Luiters
Dance set- Big man & bear

Rings - investment diamonds 
Ceremony - Rohan Bouwer