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Megan and Riaan | Nieu Bethesda

There was a palpable magic in the air as the Karoo sun rose in Nieu Bethesda that morning, and it left us in total awe of this beautiful couple and their amazing wedding day. 

Standing in the centre of a ring of their closest friends and family, surrounded by the beautiful trees that fill the Nieu Bethesda forest, Megan and Riaan couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to make their promises to one another. Their day was a reflection of everything they hold dear; Mother Nature, love and the feminine divine.

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Robyn and Gavin | Wellington

It’s difficult to not get excited when a wedding allows you to explore a new corner of your country. As summer slowly turned to Autumn we headed out into the winelands of the Western Cape to photograph Robyn and Gavin’s wedding in the small town of Wellington. From Gavin's majestic ginger beard to Robyn’s amazing smile it took very little effort for us to capture the love and beauty that these two exude. 

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Brett and Sabrina | The Plantation

When looking back on Brett and Sabrina’s wedding it’s hard to quantify exactly what makes them such an awesome couple. However this would certainly not be for a lack of reasons. 

Every single moment of their day was filled with love and excitement, not just for each other, but for all their friends and family who filled the halls of the Plantation, and it felt amazing to be made part of their celebrations. By the time the night was over our feet were dead from all the dancing, but we could confidently say that the Tapson’s and their friends know how to celebrate!

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Melissa and Justin | Rose Barn

With the threat of rain on the horizon, beautiful dark clouds filled the sky, adding drama to Justin and Melissa’s ceremony on the lawns outside the Rose Barn in Jeffery’s Bay. Justin waited with his back turned, and the moment he saw his bride caused a lump in our throats as much as in his. Honest is the only fitting way to describe the love that these two share and we felt privileged to be the ones to that were able to capture it.

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Megan and Justin | Lawn wedding

In the pre-dawn light of spring Justin joined his friends for a run down the Port Elizabeth beachfront, perhaps the most fitting start to the wedding day of these two talented triathletes. Megan wore a stunning dress from Loca boutique that reflected her beautiful simplicity and playful personality, and left everyone breathless in their pews as she walked down the aisle of the old stone church in the heart of Central.

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