Jess and Gideon | Coastline wedding, The House Planner

When you get blessed with a perfect day along our beautiful coastline in the Eastern Cape, you head for the beach. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you unwind with sand between your toes and fresh hair through your hair. On a stunning Tuesday in September, Jess and Gideon and all their friends and family did exactly that + got married of course.
They couldn’t have found a more perfect spot for their intimate wedding.

Gideon and Jess, thank you once again for asking us join you in your celebrations, and for the honour to capture a chapter of your love story. Your love for one another is truly inspiring.

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Seugnét​ and Lucien | Tsitsikamma Forest, Western Cape

A secluded forest, situated between the Craggs and Storms River Bridge, played host to this awesome couple’s “official” wedding celebration. Just a few weeks prior they had exchanged rings at their informal wedding ceremony in Cape Town, but felt it would be so special to do it again with all their friends and family as witnesses. 

Tsitsikamma Lodge is surrounded by tall pine trees at the foot of a beautiful valley along South Africa’s Garden Route. Seugnét and Lucien love the outdoors and wanted a to tie the knot in a place that reflected that - We honestly believe they could not have chosen a better spot. 

Their wedding was magical. 

And we are so excited that they chose us to be part of their special day! These are the kind of weddings we love to document; intimate, unconventional and about what truly matters - love.

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Lara and Brad | Rooftop Garden Bar, Central

We don’t often get to shoot in our home town, but when we do it’s always a treat for us. You get to rediscover streets you merely walked along to get from point A to B. You look at newly painted building with fresh eyes, and walk down paths you’ve never explored to try to see things in a new light. 

We had an incredible afternoon strolling around Donkin Village for the umpteenth time, but this time in the company of these two awesome people. Lara and Brad are not what you’d expect. When we first met them we were slightly intimidated by their strong views, bold personalities and outgoing natures, but after some time together we realised they themselves were just nervous creatures trying to make a good impression. They maybe bold, but bold because they are full of life, and this shone strongest for us when we looked back at their friends and family, and all the family portraits that they just had to have us capture.

Ever so often you meet someone and feel like you are worlds apart, but when you get to know them you quickly realise that those worlds run parallel, and you have more in common than you think. We walked away from Lara and Brad’s wedding with new friends, and a happy heart that we got to be part of this very special day. 

Oh did we mention their reception as on a rooftop!?! :D

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Emma and Darryl | Jeffreys Bay, Rose Barn

We get to work with some really awesome couples as part of the adventure we call our job, and these two were no exception! We've met a few couples who have met in unconventional ways, but none quite as epic as first locking eyes at a metal concert.

Emma and Darryl flew down from their new home in Wales to make their vows on a not-quite-UK-cold winter's day here in the Eastern Cape.

It was an amazing to day to have been a part of! Awesome wool suits that would make an Englishman jealous, Emma looking gorgeous in white, and a father daughter dance that has set the new standard for cool... need we say more?

Thanks guys for trusting us with your memories!

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Michelle and Paul | Ground, Johannesburg

We love shooting outside of our little hometown, as we always love the feeling of walking into a new space and seeing everything with fresh eyes. So when we got the pleasure to travel to  Johannesburg, we were twitching with excitement to start documenting Paul and Michelle's special day! We knew we were in for a real treat with their dream team pulling all the final touched together while they made their way from Australia to celebrate with their friends and family in SA.  What was most important for them, was the in-between snippets, the real moments, and well, everyone having the time of their lives! our goal was set, to document the greatest party in this beautiful setting. Could we ask for more?

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Kelli-Erin and Neal | Tsitsikamma Forest, Couple Session

Sometimes the things that are closest to us are under-appreciated. Having this forests on our doorsteps / a little drive away, we kept saying “one day” we will do a couple session here. Well one day happened, and what an awesome day it was! I know we have said this before, but we have the coolest couples! Neal and Kelli-Erin spent their afternoon with us wondering forest in the pouring rain ☔️ #worthit

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Ashleigh and Ryan | Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Nested in the Eastern Cape's Amatol mountain range is the secret little village of Hogsback. The winding road up the mountain rewarding you with breathtaking views of the valley before you suddenly arrive on the dirt road that runs through this charming old town. We were met with the winter chill that April had brought with it, but were welcomed by so much warmth at the same time, as the dusty roads and pathways were filled with golden leaves. And any nip in the air was soon forgotten as we all came to celebrate Ash and Ryan as they said their vows.

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Cornelia and Shaun | Hopewell Wedding

“Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart. If I were pressed to say why I loved him, I feel that my only reply could be: Because it was he, because it was I.” Michel de Montaigne

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Karlien and Francois | Klienrivier, Cockscomb

On the outskirts of Uitenhage, just a stone’s throw from Port Elizabeth, the Klein Rivier farm has been a special place for the Roux family through-out Karlien’s life. Their holidays were often spent camping in the valley and hiking through the mountain gorge, so it was no surprise to us when Karlien suggested we take an extended stroll to find some beautiful spots for their photoshoot. 

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Derryth and Cael | Graaff Reinet

When Derryth and Cael’s mail arrived in our inbox we required very little convincing to get excited. “We would like to have a very laid back, ‘Kuier’ style wedding, because that's the type of people we are. Our wedding day will be about having a good time with our friends and family and not worrying too much about keeping up appearances”. 

To say we were sold is an understatement. 
We arrived the day before and had the pleasure to meeting their friends and family at a chilled braai in her hometown of Graaff Reinet. Rather than splashing out on a trendy wedding venue they had both agreed to instead host their down to earth celebrations at Derryth’s alma mater, Union High.

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Sean and Karla | Hopewell Estate

Taking only a handful of weddings a year has allowed us to be selective about the days we want to keep for ourselves, New Years being one of them. So when Karla dropped us a mail we sadly replied that unfortunately we weren't available. Not long after hitting send we had Sean on the phone, who did a commendable job of convincing us that their wedding would be such a jol, that we'd be disappointed if we weren't a part of it. Hearing their excitement for their wedding day was convincing enough, but who wouldn't want to welcome in the new year at the best party in town?

We're so glad we made an except for these two rockstar sweeties! From a table full of instant film for their friends to go wild with, to hand-written New Years cards for each guest, Sean and Karla pulled out all the stops to make sure their wedding was the best party of 2017, and 2018! Despite all the awesome touches that this power couple brought to their day, it's the basics that they did best; great food, better music, and a evening filled with love and laughter.

It would be impossible to talk about Karla without talking about her laugh. Raw, infectious and hilarious are words that come to mind. But what truly melted our hearts was how Sean looks at her when she's happy. Just take a scroll for yourselves and try not grin at these two amazing hooligans. 

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Karla and Sean | Couple session

So we had a little afternoon outing with these two awesome folk, before they jetted off back to the UK. We wondered the streets of a near by neighbourhood, found some interesting spots to take a couple of shots and be a little silly, lost a phone, and had a drink to calm the nerves. 

All in a days work with these two, never a dull moment. We ended up with a bunch of images that we are excited to share! Thanks Sean and Karla, for an awesome afternoon filled with laughter! 

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Olivia and Richard | Addo, Belle Vue

It’s amazing when you start photographing a wedding, and for some reason just feel so part of their day. We walked away thinking “what a cool couple” - Little did we know that both their families go way back with Jess’.

As soon as their sneak peek hit our Facebook page, we found out just how interconnected we all were. Family friends for years, almost every holiday spent together, it was no wonder we felt so relaxed with Olivia and Richard! We walked away from their wedding with new friends ourselves. So without further ado,

Here is a post about an awesome bunch of people under one roof! 

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Chad and Ashleigh | Home wedding

I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

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Janine and Matt | Nieu Bethesda, Die Waenhuis

There is something magical about the autumn weather in Nieu-Bethesda. That crisp Karoo air that makes your ears and nose tingle, yet somehow manages to make you feel as if the whole town is frozen in time and all that matters is what’s happening right there and then. Just add a plate of Liz’s culinary delights, the warmth and charm of the Jacques’ Waenhuis, and the love between two awesome people, and suddenly there couldn’t be a better place to be!

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Nicole and Ryan | Addo, Avoca River Cabins

Every so often you get a wedding that you just love. The moments. The details. And the day itself. As we go through Ryan and Nicole's images, it's like there were stolen moment that we captured that speak so loud...we could try put these moments into words, but we'll let you live them for yourself.

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Martin and Sam | Savages, Victorian Veranda

We had the tremendous privilege to document Martin and Sam’s wedding celebration in the heart of our home town. They said their I do’s in one of the grandest Catholic churches, in the city. Sam looked breathtaking in her, oh so vintage gown, whilst Martin waited in the front of the church looking dapper in his blue suit. It all came together beautifully as their guest continued their celebrations in the “newly” renovated historical building, now known as Savages, Victorian Veranda, a real gem hidden amongst the trees and greenery that surrounds St Georges Park.

Sam, a trendy fashionist and Martin being a mix of rock star and engineer, made for an interesting mixture of friends and family under one roof to celebrate their love.  Looking at this collection of the photo’s, it feels a little surreal that we where able to attend and document these moments that they will treasure for a lifetime.

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Liesje and Arnout | Emily Moon River Lodge

We always get excited when we receive a mail from a fellow creative, even more so when they’re living half way across the world in the Netherlands! Liesje and Arnout had gotten engaged during a trip to visit their families in South Africa, and we thought it was incredibly special that they decided to say their I do’s in the same spot where Arnout had proposed.

Emily Moon River Lodge is one of those magical little venues that can't help but welcome you in with its mix of old and new world charm. And the deck overlooking Plettenberg Bay’s Bitou River bends felt like the perfect place for Liesje and Arnout to gather their friends and family from afar, to celebrate their marriage whilst soaking up the natural beauty that has us in love with the Garden Route!

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Karen and Ross | Wedgewood Golf Estate

Ever so often we get to document a wedding on a rainy day, but as we drove out to Wedgewood Estate we watched as the much needed rain faded away leaving the most beautiful sky behind in its place. And as luck would have it, a perfectly positioned rainbow.

While many brides might have let a morning downpour or a broken zipper on their maid of honor’s dress dampen their spirits, Karen is far from average! And the only thing damp on their wedding day was Ross’ jacket as he (barely) saw her walk down the aisle. The rains (and Ross’ eyes) soon cleared, and we were all blessed with an amazing evening filled laughter, bubbly and a whole lot of love!

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Jessica and Wayne | The Blue Hole, Salem

When you get a mail quoting your favourite line from your favourite film, you realise that you have not choice but to be part of this celebrations.

The greatest thing you will ever learn,
is just to love and be loved,
in return.

We headed to a little part of the South Africa we didn’t even know existed - Salem. We were met by some warm weather and clear sky in the middle of the Eastern Cape thicket and you could feel the excitement in the air as Jessica and Wayne saw each other for the first time down the aisle. The whole day was relaxed and filled with laughter and bubbles. The way a wedding should be.

Take a look and see for yourself :)

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