Who is Charlie Ray?

About us

We are Ross and Jess - or as you know us Charlie Ray. Choosing a photographer can be a daunting task, but we are here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be. We’re sure you have looked around and if you have not, please do! We want you both to want our style because you got “that feeling”, because we got that exact feeling whilst taking the shot, that authentic, candid, joyful picture that reflected the atmosphere of each and every wedding or session. Since we ask you to tell a little bit about yourselves we figured its only fair we share a bit about ourselves:

Our home is a little flat around a beautiful park in our home town of Port Elizabeth (South Africa). People often ask why we choose to live in such a small town, and we have an answer. It’s easy going, it’s friendly, the water is warm (Ross can surf) but sharks are few (so Jess doesn’t stress). The art scene is on a rise and the creatives are all still growing and finding their feet. We aren’t big names here, we are all helping one another to figure out the ropes and supporting each other when we fail. It’s an awesome community to be apart of!

In our little studio home we are of course accompanied by Beano our stylish black cat and Moss, our little not-so-fat-anymore tabby. We met one another 6 years back in university, Jess majoring in Design and Ross in photography. However, our passion for honest stories really began to develop the year Jess completed her BTech in publication design. With her art direction and Ross’ photographic background we created a 150 page indie magazine, Substrate, that documented creatives doing what they do best. 

We wanted to carry this approach into weddings and so Charlie Ray came to life. The business was originally just Ross, but after one or two weekends apart we realised we wanted to work as a team, bringing our own take on the same moment into how we document. 

Now you are most likely still wondering “but why Charlie Ray?” In short Ross came up with it, Jess didn’t hate it, and it played on the idea that it is androgynous enough that people will wonder who we are. Seems to have worked since we are talking...

We hope that paints a little picture of us. If you want to know more you will have to ask... or better yet, let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat!


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